Testimonial Category: From Twitter

Debbie Morgan 11/09/14

Just had the most amazing physiotherapy session with the wonderful James Vickers @chhplondon! Thank you for fixing me @jvickers1010! — Debbie Morgan (@Deb_ELLE) September 11, 2014

Elle UK Running 11/09/14

. @Deb_ELLE went to visit @chhplondon for a physiotherapy session today with @jvickers1010 – highly recommend! A fixed lady. #ELLEFit — ELLEUKrunning (@ELLEUKrunning) September 11, 2014

Tom Casson 08/09/14

Thanks for today @mike_hayton and putting me back together! The clinic @chhplondon was quality #king of hands #handy man can — tom casson (@TomCasson) September 8, 2014

Francis Benali 02/09/14

Massive thanks to @gpwhyte for all of his advice and continued support! Top guy to boot. Cheers mate, Franny — Benali's Big Run (@Benalisbigrun) September 2, 2014

Sarah Shephard 02/09/14

Fascinating morning @chhplondon chatting to exercise don @gpwhyte before being put through bike hell by @LauraTurner100 for a VO2Max test. — sarah shephard (@sarahsportmag) September 2, 2014

Francis Benali 29/08/14

Thank you @chhplondon for the testing and advice you gave #benalisbigrun prior to this epic challenge! — Benali's Big Run (@Benalisbigrun) August 29, 2014

Francis Benali 19/08/14

@chhplondon @CR_UK Thank you for all of your support so far — Benali's Big Run (@Benalisbigrun) August 19, 2014

Quintessentially Travel 08/08/14

@chhplondon Thanks for the showround Liz, this is THE place if you want to learn about and maximise health and performance! #health — Quintessentially Tvl (@QuintTravel) August 8, 2014

Gemma Carter 28/08/14

@chhplondon thanks guys! Couldn't have done it without you 😀 — Gemma Carter (@gems_carter) July 28, 2014

Michael Dillhyon 11/08/14

“@SwissGator: Many thanks to incredible staff (Jim, Rich, Joanne, et al) @chhplondon! Great sessions & see you next week!” Thanks ! — CHHP – 76 Harley St. (@chhplondon) July 11, 2014