CHHP London began as a new concept in fully integrated specialist services directly accessible to anyone in 2007. Following a major expansion in 2013, CHHP was established as a leading specialist centre in Health and Human Performance helping you get more out of your life for longer.

All under one roof, our centre combines the very latest in Specialist Medicine, Human Performance, Sport and Exercise Medicine, Nutrition, Physiotherapy and Sport Science.

Unlike many practices, we not only work as individuals in our fields of expertise, but we combine our knowledge, working together as a ‘multi-disciplinary team’.

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Our centre combines the very latest in Specialist Medicine, Human Performance, Sport and Exercise Medicine, Nutrition, Physiotherapy and Sport Science.

Comprehensive Heart and Lung Stress Test (CPET)

Comprehensive Heart and Lung Stress Test (CPET)

A test designed to gather information on how the heart and lungs perform during a period of exercise/stress taken to maximum exertion in a clinically controlled environment.

Physiology & expert led fitness training

Physiology & expert led fitness training

All of our sessions are focused on training with an awareness of injury prevention, medical history & performance and health goals.

Sports Performance Services

Sports Performance Services

We offer a full range of comprehensive physical and mental performance orientated services. Whether sport is your profession, your passion or you are just starting out.

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Back to the gyms we go! 💥

If, like many, you are back to the gym today after too long a wait, here’s a few things to bear in mind :

Listen to your body. If you have been sedentary or less active for a while you don’t have to smash it on day one!

Get your nutrition right & plan to fuel your body for the energy it needs.

Get any niggles seen to straight away!

Have a plan & don’t just wander around from machine to machine.

If in doubt seek advice from a professional .



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It’s not only #worldhealthday it’s also Our sleep specialist, Dr Jim Brown’s birthday so what better way to mark the day than with a super simple yet effective sleep reminder.

Will you be waking up tomorrow morning feeling fresh, relaxed and ready? We all know that getting a good night sleep can deeply affect our mood so wake up happy tomorrow with Dr Jim Brown's sleeping hacks ⁠...

Routine ⁠
It is important to keep the circadian queues as regular as possible, and this involves keeping a regular bed and wake time. This schedule should be constant throughout the seven-day week. Catching up on sleep at the weekend – “social jet lag” – should be avoided. Having a bedtime routine should include a wind-down period. Some people find reading or relaxation techniques helpful. Write down tasks for the morning so that they are not playing on the mind at night. The bedroom should be dark, cool and without electronic devices including phones and TV. A warm shower helps because the subsequent drop in core temperature is a signal to the body that it is time to sleep.⁠ Good night!!


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Our Respiratory clinic is back!

Already fully booked for face to face testing in April, Prof Dickinson continues to offer support to those with breathing difficulties online.

Prof. John Dickinson is an Exercise Respiratory Physiologist with a specialism in assessing exercise respiratory symptoms in athletes. He has tested over 1,000 elite athletes from a range of sports including all Olympic and many professional sports, such as rugby and Premier League football.

Why is respiratory disease and dysfunctional breathing an issue with athletes?

Over 20% of the athletes involved with Great British Olympic Team have exercise induced asthma

A number of athletes with exercise induced asthma go undiagnosed as they fail to report symptoms

Diagnosis significantly improves athletic performance and health

It is possible respiratory symptoms experienced during exercise are not related to asthma

The Respiratory Clinic provides a range of diagnostic tests for exercise induced asthma, including the Eucapnic Voluntary Hyperpnoea (EVH) challenge – considered by the World Anti – Doping Agency and the International Olympic Committee to be the ‘gold standard’ challenge to diagnose exercise induced asthma in elite athletes.

And you don’t have to be an athlete to take advantage of this service. If you are struggling with breathing during exercise or recovering from COVID and wanting to be safe, drop us a line.


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Another year another lockdown 🥳 birthday.

Sending all the virtual love to our one and only Head of Performance Nutrition & all around legend. Happy birthday @naylornutrition see you in a few weeks!


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Who else is counting the days until you can get back to the gym? If you have been inactive or just less active for a while let our rehab and movement specialists get you back to fitness and sport safely 💫


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There may be a screen between us now but we are still here to welcome you with a smile 😊 #beyondbetter ...

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Happy #internationalwomensday to all the wonderful women in our team & our network 💕

Did you know we have an entire team dedicated to women’s health? From medicine & dietary advice to Pilates & pelvic health physiotherapy we are here to keep you strong & healthy

Drop us a line to find out more.


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Happy birthday to our awesome physio James Vickers. A true legend and master of lower limb injuries and tough rehab, James will get you fitter and stronger in no time.

Enjoy your day @viche3 we salute you! 🥳❤️

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