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We began as a new concept in fully integrated specialist services directly accessible to anyone and are now well established as a leading specialist centre in Health and Human Performance helping you get more out of your life for longer.

All under one roof, our centre combines the very latest in Health management, Human Performance, Sport and Exercise Medicine, Nutrition, Physiotherapy and Sport Science.

Unlike many practices, we not only work as individuals in our fields of expertise, but we combine our knowledge, working together as a ‘multi-disciplinary team’.

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All under one roof, our centre combines the very latest in Health Management, Human Performance, Sport and Exercise Medicine, Nutrition, Physiotherapy and Sport Science

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Articles & blogs often look at how good running is for our physical health and mental health. However, exercise addiction can occur, and some people find their own self-image can become interlinked with their sport – for good and bad…

This blog looks at how to run healthily and happily, without over-reliance on social media, with reference to studies that have been done around exercise, body image and self-esteem

Regular runners will recognise increased well-being during and after training – this is due to complex hormonal mechanisms, and also the positive feedback of feeling fit.

Link in bio courtesy of the wonderful @rebeccajprobinson @basem

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Welcome to the team Sarah!!⁠

Available every Friday from now on, Sarah is a soft tissue therapist with a wealth of experience and is a true believer in keeping the body energised and the mind active! Sarah has worked hard to find the balance which allows both to work in harmony to achieve a strong sense of well-being. This⁠
underpins her ethos and the way she works with clients. ⁠

From elite athletes and city professionals to recreational sports people and those simply keen to look after their bodies, Sarah supports her clients holistically to become stronger physically and mentally to get the most out of life.⁠

Sarah specialises in a therapy known as the Graston Technique (GT), a patented form of instrument assisted soft tissue mobilisation which she blends with Integrated Myofascial Release Therapy (IMFR) to get the best results. ⁠

This is the technique she used when she was selected to be part of the Team GB Medical HQ at the London Olympics in 2012 and something which she worked towards for 10 years. ⁠

Sarah enjoys sport and keeping active and is a firm believer in moving the body and challenging the mind. This approach has allowed Sarah to enjoy training for marathons and other physical challenges in a healthy way. It has given Sarah the ability to embrace life with all its ups and downs and comfortably manage work commitments with raising her young family.⁠

If you are interested to find out more about Sarah and how she could help you, drop us a line to find out more!⁠


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Fridays in the Lab with @__topher_ 🙌 ...

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With specialists across the board from Sport & Exercise Medicine, Physiotherapy, Psychology, Respiratory Health, nutrition & sleep we have everything you need to be the best YOU. Contact us to find out more ✨ ...

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Our Respiratory Clinic is available to provide a range of assessments to diagnose & treat respiratory problems in athletes & keen exercisers such as exercise induced asthma (EIA) & dysfunctional breathing. As well as a range of testing, we also offer breathing training in person and remotely.

Prof. John Dickinson is an Exercise Respiratory Physiologist with a specialism in assessing exercise respiratory symptoms in athletes. He has tested over 1,000 elite athletes from a range of sports including all Olympic and many professional sports, such as rugby and Premier League football.

Why is respiratory disease and dysfunctional breathing an issue with athletes?

Over 20% of the athletes involved with Great British Olympic Team have exercise induced asthma
A number of athletes with exercise induced asthma go undiagnosed as they fail to report symptoms
Diagnosis significantly improves athletic performance & health
It is possible respiratory symptoms experienced during exercise are not related to asthma.

The Respiratory Clinic provides a range of diagnostic tests for exercise induced asthma, including the Eucapnic Voluntary Hyperpnoea (EVH) challenge – considered by the World Anti – Doping Agency & the International Olympic Committee to be the ‘gold standard’ challenge to diagnose exercise induced asthma in elite athletes.

Testing enables:
✨Accurate diagnosis of asthma & other breathing problems, avoiding false positives & the dangers of conditions going untreated
✨Athletes to receive optimal treatment
✨Once diagnosed with asthma/EIA, well established treatment pathways will usually result in full control of the disease and no limitation to an individual’s capacity to exercise and take part in high level sport.

We have developed a unique respiratory programme for anyone who experiences respiratory symptoms during exercise, not explained by respiratory disease. We focus on breathing techniques, posture work & inspiratory muscle training & have proven success in reducing & eliminating respiratory symptoms during exercise.

For more information or to book a test or consultation please contact us on 0207 637 7677 or email

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Our specialist Respiratory clinic runs every Monday afternoon either in Harley street or online.

If you have been struggling with breathing during exercise or maybe you are recovering from covid or just want to work on your breathing technique give us a call. Prof Dickinson specialises in testing and breathing training to ensure you can exercise safely and perform at your best.


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