CHHP London began as a new concept in fully integrated specialist services directly accessible to anyone in 2007. Following a major expansion in 2013, CHHP was established as a leading specialist centre in Health and Human Performance helping you get more out of your life for longer.

All under one roof, our centre combines the very latest in Specialist Medicine, Human Performance, Sport and Exercise Medicine, Nutrition, Physiotherapy and Sport Science.

Unlike many practices, we not only work as individuals in our fields of expertise, but we combine our knowledge, working together as a ‘multi-disciplinary team’.

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Our centre combines the very latest in Specialist Medicine, Human Performance, Sport and Exercise Medicine, Nutrition, Physiotherapy and Sport Science.

Comprehensive Heart and Lung Stress Test (CPET)

Comprehensive Heart and Lung Stress Test (CPET)

A test designed to gather information on how the heart and lungs perform during a period of exercise/stress taken to maximum exertion in a clinically controlled environment.

Physiology & expert led fitness training

Physiology & expert led fitness training

All of our sessions are focused on training with an awareness of injury prevention, medical history & performance and health goals.

Sports Performance Services

Sports Performance Services

We offer a full range of comprehensive physical and mental performance orientated services. Whether sport is your profession, your passion or you are just starting out.

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Theory says by now a large percentage of you have given up on your New Year's resolutions can be tough staying healthy at home, especially with the continued lockdown and uncertainty.⁠

We'll soon be sending out more information on how to stay healthy during this time including advice on nutrition, movement, low back pain and sleep. ⁠

Today our lovely friends over @munchfituk have a special treat for you. Use the code RIGHTFOOD which will take 10% off the price of any subscription ordered before midnight this Sunday. ⁠

We thought this will make a good treat to help keep your nutrition on track, stop those mindless visits to the fridge and discover the joys of fresh, healthy gourmet eating delivered to your door!⁠

Enjoy (Link in bio)

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Exercise is good for you. We all know this. It benefits both your physical and mental health. But what if you have had breast cancer?

There is emerging evidence suggesting that regular exercise can reduce cancer recurrence and improves outcome post treatment.

Cancer treatment can be challenging and with it carries wide ranging side effects. These may include functional issues post surgery, to fatigue around chemotherapy to changes in body composition with endocrine treatment. Exercise can help with all of these and if you want to learn more, then this is the podcast episode for you.

Thank you Dr Tasha @drtashag for inviting Tom Cowan, one of our exercise physiologists who works closely with those affected by cancer to discuss this important topic with you. Tom’s work has been recognised by Public Health England and the Faculty for Sport and Exercise Medicine UK, who selected him to become a member of their Cancer and Exercise expert panel.

Tom prescribes specific exercises tailored to the individual and understands the challenges faced by patients, either during or after treatment.

Topics covered include:

✨How to beat fatigue (a common side effect of treatment)
✨How moderate exercise can boost our immune system
✨What moderate intensity exercise looks like and what tools we can use to determine what this would be for individuals
✨The various exercises we can do before – during – and after treatment
✨Why we tend to focus on cardiovascular exercises and neglect the other important piece of the jigsaw which is strength training
✨The importance of bone health and exercises we can do to improve this
✨Exercises that can help with lymphoedema
In this podcast, Tom shares tips and tricks of what you can do to to incorporate exercise into your daily life.

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Last year we launched a post-Covid clinic in response to the 2020/2021 pandemic, with aims to help people experiencing coronavirus get back to health.

The clinic is unique in simulating the guided approach to full return to activity in professional sport, for patients who enjoy exercise at all levels and on a individualised basis.

This includes an initial sports medicine consultation for all and, physiology testing, nutrition and physiotherapy when required. A thorough medical review including cardiorespiratory, musculoskeletal health and a specific plan for return to sport is provided.

We also run a long Covid clinic to meet the needs of long Covid sufferers, focusing on those who usually enjoyed a high level of physical activity before illness. This branch of the clinic recognises the complexity of the condition focusing on an individual’s needs including cardiovascular and respiratory health, fatigue and other features frequently seen: affecting the nervous system, psychological health, sleep and nutrition.

In long Covid the initial goal may be support toward restoring health and it is understood within the clinic model that exercise might be a later step.

Both clinics are run by specialists in Sport and exercise medicine, general internal medicine and rheumatology. The initial post Covid clinic is provided as a remote service to ensure a ready response to patients in the earlier phase of recovery.

Our team of leading physiologists can provide cardiopulmonary exercise testing in clinic to identify cardiac, respiratory and muscular limitations to exercise for patients after Covid and, guide a bespoke return to training programme.

Don’t sit at home & struggle - we are here to help 💙


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As we begin this new year & look back at a year that has been so horrific and yet somehow simultaneously full of growth and change, it’s important to not forget...

COVID is not over. Please keep yourselves & each other safe.

Your mental & physical health should be a priority. Be proactive not reactive.

Treat everyone with respect & dignity. 2020 was hard for so many for so many reasons. Be kind.

Thank you to our team for adapting, innovating and continually working on new ways to keep you safe and healthy.

Thank you to everyone who supported us to provide a safe environment.

Thank you most of all to our clients & patients who changed with us, adapted to new procedures, video consultations and treatments and many last minute changes. (Probably more to come!)

We start 2021 with hope; with gratitude and our values at the core of everything that this year may bring:



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40! ⁠💥🍾

Happiest of birthdays to our amazing Laboratory Manager & Senior Physiologist. ⁠

He's one of a kind, you have to visit us to truly understand that North Carolina hospitality! ⁠

Have an amazing day Jim! ⁠


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If you’re struggling to return to sport and activity after Covid-19, we’re still here for you.

We offer both a #briefadvice remote Covid clinic that is free of charge, and a comprehensive consultation with our sports science medicine team to help bring you back to what you love doing 🤸🏾‍♀️ 🏃🏾‍♂️ 🏊‍♂️


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Happiest of birthdays to our wonderful MSK & women’s health physio @grace.femalehealthphysio . Hope the lockdown birthday is filled with joy 🤩 🥳🎂


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