CHHP London began as a new concept in fully integrated specialist services directly accessible to anyone in 2007. Following a major expansion in 2013, CHHP was established as a leading specialist centre in Health and Human Performance helping you get more out of your life for longer.

All under one roof, our centre combines the very latest in Specialist Medicine, Human Performance, Sport and Exercise Medicine, Nutrition, Physiotherapy and Sport Science.

Unlike many practices, we not only work as individuals in our fields of expertise, but we combine our knowledge, working together as a ‘multi-disciplinary team’.

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Our centre combines the very latest in Specialist Medicine, Human Performance, Sport and Exercise Medicine, Nutrition, Physiotherapy and Sport Science.

Comprehensive Heart and Lung Stress Test (CPET)

Comprehensive Heart and Lung Stress Test (CPET)

A test designed to gather information on how the heart and lungs perform during a period of exercise/stress taken to maximum exertion in a clinically controlled environment.

Physiology & expert led fitness training

Physiology & expert led fitness training

All of our sessions are focused on training with an awareness of injury prevention, medical history & performance and health goals.

Sports Performance Services

Sports Performance Services

We offer a full range of comprehensive physical and mental performance orientated services. Whether sport is your profession, your passion or you are just starting out.

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Friday feedback ✨ getting you back to what you love is what it’s all about. @drpaulina ♥️ ...

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✨#eidmubarak ✨ ...

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Happiest of birthdays to our superstar physio @michael.giakoumis 🥳.

Look out for additional clinic availability from Michael coming soon including a @bxrlondon clinic day starting in June🤩.

Enjoy your day MG 😊


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Tonight our post-Covid clinic is FULLY booked. We started this clinic in response to the 2020/2021 pandemic, with aims to help people experiencing coronavirus get back to health. It’s still going strong and whilst it’s a shame so many people are affected, we’ll keep this going for as long as we need to.

The clinic is unique in simulating the guided approach to full return to activity in professional sport, for patients who enjoy exercise at all levels and on a individualised basis.

This includes an initial sports medicine consultation for all and, physiology testing, nutrition and physiotherapy when required. A thorough medical review including cardiorespiratory, musculoskeletal health and a specific plan for return to sport is provided.

We also run a long Covid clinic to meet the needs of long Covid sufferers, focusing on those who usually enjoyed a high level of physical activity before illness. This branch of the clinic recognises the complexity of the condition focusing on an individual’s needs including cardiovascular and respiratory health, fatigue and other features frequently seen: affecting the nervous system, psychological health, sleep and nutrition.

In long Covid the initial goal may be support toward restoring health and it is understood within the clinic model that exercise might be a later step.

Both clinics are run by specialists in Sport and exercise medicine, general internal medicine and rheumatology. The initial post Covid clinic is provided as a remote service to ensure a ready response to patients in the earlier phase of recovery.

Our team of leading physiologists can provide cardiopulmonary exercise testing in clinic to identify cardiac, respiratory and muscular limitations to exercise for patients after Covid and, guide a bespoke return to training programme.

Don’t sit at home & struggle - we are here to help 💙

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Wishing a wonderful day and year ahead to our fabulous Osteopath Doug 😀

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Are you interested in

improving your health ✅
Improving your fitness ✅
Understanding your body ✅
Seeing how your heart and lungs behave under stress? ✅
Getting some proper science behind your training ✅

All of these things may be at the forefront of your mind right now & the good news is CPEX testing is back and available EVERYDAY.

Drop us a line to find out more 💥


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Thrilled to welcome Dr.Kush Joshi to the team 🤩

It’s great to have another brilliant consultant on board and Kush will work closely with Prof. Mike Loosemore and Dr. Rebecca Robinson as well as our whole team to support any sports and/or exercise medicine patients.

Kush is available every Thursday morning both face to face and virtually.

Kush is a Sports and Exercise Medicine Doctor who trained in London, including spending a year at ISEH. He has previously worked in a number of different sports including rugby, football, tennis, as well as working at the EIS. Currently Kush is one of the tournament doctors for the Wimbledon Championships. 🎾 He also works in the NHS and at a regional rehabilitation unit in Colchester.

Kush has a special interest in exercise medicine, which aligns with his role in Moving Medicine, where he leads on the paediatric project.
Outside of work, Kush enjoys climbing and running. 🏃‍♂️

Drop us a line for more info

#teamchhp #beyondbetter

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