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Dr Jack Kreindler discuss the future of Healthcare

You go to the doctor only when you’re ill, right? Well not at One Hundred Years you don’t. Rather, this service is aiming to rethink healthcare by looking after every aspect of a client’s health before they reach the stage of illness.

Your marathon questions answered

From the benefits of beetroot juice to keeping cramps at bay – sports nutritionist, James Collins answers more of your commonly asked marathon nutrition questions…

Davina’s right hand man

Accompanying Davina on every step of her BT Sport Relief challenge is Professor Greg Whyte OBE – Olympian, ‘physical activity guru’ and world-renowned sports scientist.

CHHP’s man behind Sport Relief

He is the driving force behind David Walliams’ swim of the English Channel and River Thames, Eddie Izzard’s 43 marathons in 50 days and Gary Barlow and Cheryl Cole’s climb of Mount Kilimanjaro.

Dr. Jack Kreindler speaks to Wired Magazine

High altitude doctor trains amateurs for Everest Jack Kreindler is cofounder of the Centre for Health and Human Performance. His career spans 20 years of business, information technology, emergency medicine and high altitude physiology. He will be speaking at Wired Health on 29 April. You seem to be a bit of a polymath, working […]

From ordinary to elite at CHHP

From ordinary to elite at CHHP, 76 Harley Street Yesterday I stumbled upon a goldmine. I battled torrential rain; the tube turmoil and the unruly crowds of Oxford Circus to reach my final destination, which can only be described as serenity. Yesterday I was transported to another world. This world I inhibited for just over […]

Davina’s Sport Relief challenge with Greg Whyte.

Greg Whyte aids Davina McCall as she begins her Sport Relief Challenge: Davina – Beyond Breaking Point.’ She will be going the extra mile and pushing herself to the limit by running, swimming and cycling over 500 miles, from Edinburgh to London, in just seven days.

Turning the tide of inactivity

This report provides the first detailed analysis of physical inactivity, both at a national and local level. It examines the rate of inactivity in each top tier local authority and analyses its relationship with premature mortality, cost and spend, leisure facilities and green spaces.