From ordinary to elite at CHHP

From ordinary to elite at CHHP

From ordinary to elite at CHHP, 76 Harley Street

Yesterday I stumbled upon a goldmine. I battled torrential rain; the tube turmoil and the unruly crowds of Oxford Circus to reach my final destination, which can only be described as serenity.

Yesterday I was transported to another world. This world I inhibited for just over an hour was not a gym, not a health club, or doctor’s surgery, not a science lab, or spa, it was a combination of them all and so much more. The healthy air surged through my lungs like a gale force wind and for a split second I felt like I was going to be eternally happy, healthy and wealthy.

This wondrous place was 76 Harley Street (CHHP), a place that measures and analyses every aspect of our genetic and physiological make-up. How does it do this? You guessed it, analytics.

Endless streams of data measure; your glucose, your heart rate, your lung capacity, your fat to muscle ratio, your iron, anything and everything. It tests body parts you didn’t even know existed. And it does this for one reason, so you me, and the average Joe can ALL become elite performers. So we can unlock our human potential and be the best person we can be.

My purpose of this trip was to see if it was a suitable testing centre for our experiment Health, Wealth and Happiness. Oh yes, this centre is more than suitable, this centre is a haven.

Scientist would be a kid in sweetshop. Health lovers would sleep there if they could. And the rest of would be left in awe.

After my time was up, I felt like I was walking through the wardrobe in The Lion the Which and the Wardrobe. Reality hit me right in the face when a big old raindrop landed on my nose (I swear it was waiting until I exited). That healthy feeling seeped from every pore, I lit up a ciggy and reality was restored.

I HAVE to come back to this place, if it made me feel that good in a mere hour, image what 6 weeks of undivided attention could do.

My goal is to become ultimately healthy wealthy and happy, and I know that 76 Harley Street is where it will all begin. Because if we are what we measure, why not measure what we want to become?

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