It becomes a habit

It becomes a habit

It’s been 4 months since I last talked to you, and I feel incredibly happy to say that I have not had any problems since. In the 4 months since I returned to training I have come from 6:56 to 6:29 on my 2k. I have been delighted with my rate of progress, and I owe so much to you for that, so thank you.

I have also learnt that I had an underlying problem that probably was one of the main contributing factors to this. After a CT scan, I found out that my right sinus is completely blocked and perhaps that is what left me so vulnerable to infection, gave me the headaches and the excess mucus. I am booked in to have an operation on it soon after school finishes (2 weeks time), and hopefully it will clear up quickly afterwards.

Like my body, my aspirations have changed a lot since we last spoke – from wanting to get back into the 1st boat to where we are now (won gold in 1st 8s at Nat Schools and preparing for Henley) – to wanting to compete for a spot in the U23 team next season. Although I have come along way, I know the step up to U23 is quite a leap and I know that I need to increase my training load and push on over the summer.

So I would love to be able to come back to see you soon, have a VO2max test to see my improvement and pay for a training plan (notice how I said pay there, I owe you for the phone call still). Along with asking if I could see you again, I want to really say thank you for what you have done; not only did you teach me how training really works, not what school boy rowing teaches you and managed to motivate me. But you taught me the most valuable life lessons that I have, which is to always stay positive in whatever you are doing. Positive thoughts lead to positive actions, and these are reflected back by everyone around you, and soon it becomes a habit.

Thank you for everything,