Dr. Jack Kreindler on ‘Secrets of the Sales’ (BBC)

Dr. Jack Kreindler on ‘Secrets of the Sales’ (BBC)

Dr. Jack Kreindler joined Cherry Healey on the BBC Programme ‘Secrets of the Sales’ to help uncover how major high street retailers use psychological tricks to try and influence our behaviour and the impact on the consumers.

A recent article featured on ‘’ reviews the program and Jacks role in understanding how the sales work.

…”I really enjoyed the segment with Dr Jack Kreindler in which a biometric sensor (heart rate) was used to detect stress, or more likely excitement, levels while shopping and then nice to see this idea followed up by Dr David Lewis discussing the addictive quality of bargain hunting which goes directly to the thrill of the chase….”

…”Mobile eye-tracking is one of a number of emerging technologies, including the wireless biometric readings used by Jack, which make it increasingly easy to perform scientifically motivated market research away from the labs and testing suites where participant responses are almost inevitably moderated in some way….”

To read the full review on the program and the full effects follow the link to Acuity Intelligence Limited