Cycling Coach Class – Whyte’s Wisdom

Cycling Coach Class – Whyte’s Wisdom

Go off on one

“Before new riders even hit the road they should boost their confidence and competence in the saddle by going off-road. I take the celebrities and sportsmen I train to an off-road track to work on their technique – they became more confident which helps nurture the belief they need to achieve their goal.”

Build your own bike
“You wouldn’t run a marathon in your dad’s trainers. The same goes with bikes. Take the time to find a bike that you’re comfortable with – that can mean shelling out on a bespoke fitting, or just trying bikes until you find that one that ‘fits’.”

Fast-track physiology
“To boost endurance levels I tell riders to get a turbo trainer for high intensity – especially busy types who can’t get out. But ride in groups at weekends – you learn to ride better, you’re better protected and it’s more fun so you’re motivated to do it more.”

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