Institute of Sport & Exercise Medicine

Institute of Sport & Exercise Medicine

The Institute of Sports & Exercise Medicine (ISEM) awarded the Prince Phillip Medal to Dr. Richard Budgett OBE hosted by HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh in March 2015. This highly prestigious award has only been given on two previous occasions since the establishment of The ISEM in 1958 as it is held for only those that have made an outstanding and sustained contribution to the field of sport and exercise medicine nationally and internationally.

The Institute of Sport and Exercise Medicine (ISEM) was founded in 1958 as a representative body for the sport and exercise medicine community long before it was recognised as a speciality. Today The ISEM focusses on encouraging, facilitating and sharing research leading the discussion and stimulating debate on important, contemporary issues in sport and exercise medicine. In addition to the Prince Phillip Medal the ISEM recognises significant contribution to sports medicine in the UK through the annual award of the Sir Robert Atkins Award and research excellence at the annual BASEM conference. Furthermore, The ISEM works with key stakeholders and influencers to create change in national and regional policy, professional standards, and public understanding of sport and exercise medicine. The ISEM aims to be the central resource for expert advice, commentary and communicator on important national and international issues. This aim is achieved through The ISEM Fellows and Advisory Board which includes world leaders from across the spectrum of SEM specialities and sub-specialities. In addition, an annual lecture series which includes debates and lectures from world leading authorities. In 2015, The ISEM is focussing on the role of physical activity for health.

Inactivity is the greatest public health concern in industrialised countries. Over 37,000 lives are lost each year in the UK directly linked to inactivity costing the UK government £10 billion per year. In contrast, and only 1.8% of public health budgets are spent on inactivity. Whilst it is well understood that physical activity is wholly beneficial for health providing physical, mental and social enhancement of quality of life, 12.5 million adults (1 in 4 of the adult population) in the UK are classed as physically inactive; they fail to raise their heart rates for more than 30 minutes per month. Paradoxically, Team GB finished 3rd in the Olympic Medal Table and at the same time Men and Women in the UK achieved 1st and 2nd respectively in the European obese tables. This obesity ranking is mirrored for physical activity with the UK named as ‘The Lazy man of Europe’. Rapid and decisive action from government, research funding agencies, industry, the media and the general population is needed to halt and subsequently reverse the growing pandemic of inactivity.

In 2015, The Prince Phillip Medal was awarded to Dr. Richard Budgett, who will continue to work with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in supporting the development of an ‘Active Cities’ programme which is focussed on supporting cities who wish to increase physical activity levels.

You can contact the ISEM at their Headquarters at The Centre for Health and Human Performance in Harley Street.

2015 ISEM Awards at BASEM Annual conference

We are pleased to announce the winners of the ISEM awards presented at the BASEM Annual conference 2015.
Podium Presentation

First Prize 

Emily Ross:- “Does a “Prevent Injury and Enhance Performance Programme” (PEP) change the Neuromuscular Control in Young Female Acrobatic Gymnasts ?”
Second Prize 
Chris Jones: “Ultra-Sound Measurement of Chest Wall Thickness in Elite Rugby Players: a Comparison Between the Needle Thoracocentesis Points “
Poster Presentation
First Prize 
Guy Evans: “Integrating Sport & Exercise Medicine into a “Late Effects Clinic” for Childhood Cancer Survivors: Developing Core Pathways to  Improve Service Provision”
Second Prize 
Katherine Edwards: “The Cost-Effectiveness of Exercise-Based Cardiac Rehabilitation: A Systemic Review”
Many thanks to the Judges and, of course, to  our excellent Administrators for all their hard work; much appreciated.