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Biomechanical screening

The way your body moves plays an important role in your health and performance. The biomechanics of your body i.e  range of movement in your joints, muscle strength, and the way you stand, walk, run, and perform specific movements, can be a risk factor for strains, sprains, or more serious injuries.

Biomechanical screening is led by Dr Paulina Kloskowska; an expert in biomechanics and risk factors. In 2018, Dr.Paulina completed her PhD in clinical biomechanics and, she has also published research exploring biomechanical risk factors for hip and groin injuries. Dr.Paulina has got 12 years of clinical experience as a Physiotherapist, working predominantly with athletes on every level; from weekend warriors to Olympic and elite level athletes. Her clinical experience and unique approach combined with her advanced biomechanical knowledge has helped many patients reach their physical activity potential. 

During our specialist biomechanical and risk factor assessment Dr Paulina will assess the potential risk factors for injuries for you. First, you will have a detailed conversation about your physical activity; how you like to move, what sports you do and whether you have any specific physical activity goals that you want to achieve.

Then, Dr. Paulina will carefully examine how you stand and how your body loads itself in standing; how you walk, run, and perform other movements that can help identify some risk factors for future injuries.

Finally, she will do the comprehensive testing of the range of movement and muscle strength in your body including, but not limited to the specific areas that may be at risk considering your bespoke physical activity.

After the appointment, you will receive a detailed report that will include the results of all tests, the analysis of the results that will highlight the potential injury risk factors, and recommendations for the training programme. 

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