Rebecca Faith

Pilates Instructor & Movement Therapist

Rebecca is a Pilates instructor and specialist movement therapist at CHHP. Having trained under Suzanne Scott with the Pilates Foundation for many years, Rebecca has now been teaching Pilates for over 15 years working in several high profile London studios, including 5 years at the Garuda Studio, as well as within the NHS, at Cirque du Soleil and taking private referrals from Osteopaths and Physiotherapists before joining the team at CHHP.

Rebecca’s journey stems from a career in Professional Ballet. She trained at the Royal Ballet School for 7 years and danced with the English National Ballet. It is Ballet injuries that brought Rebecca to Pilates and sparked her interest in the clinical side of the German movement system. Rebecca has also studied Linklater Voice/Breath work, Laban Movement, Movement Psychology, Motion Capture, Stage Combat and is a classically trained Actor! Her self-practice of Feldenkreis, Meditation, Yoga and Martial Arts also influence her unique teaching style. ⁠

Rebecca’s passion lies within not only pre and postnatal exercise but also rehabilitation and working closely with the Medical and Therapy team to deliver an all-round movement service,

When she’s not in clinic you’ll find Rebecca relaxing with her family, acting and travelling!

For more info on Rebecca or to book an appointment with Rebecca please contact the Front of House team at CHHP on 020 7637 7677 or email