Weight Management

Weight Management

The Weight Management team is led by expert nutritionist James Collins & utilises the UK’s leading experts in exercise, nutrition and weight loss to deliver the first system of it’s kind, all under one roof, at our Harley Street centre. We specialise in bespoke weight loss solutions, which address the body’s metabolism. Recognising many clients have busy working lives, we create solutions for results that last.

Weight Management Programmes

Our core system is the ‘Personalised’ programme: For clients aiming to improve their body composition and understand more about their metabolism. Through baseline testing and investigation, the bespoke diet and exercise programme is devised. Regular contact is scheduled to monitor, modify habits, and help achieve their goals.

The aim of the programme is to support you to reach a new goal. Whether this be building strength, gaining weight or to lean up and provide lasting weight loss alongside a new exercise regime. We want you to learn about your body and give you the tools to personalise your nutrition. The programme is set up to achieve lasting change, it’s not a quick fix.

The programme starts with a snapshot of where you are now: Our online analysis tool assesses your current diet, exercise and lifestyle to give us a full 360 before the first consultation. We then conduct a full body composition assessment as part of your initial consultation to understand your body’s distribution fat and lean muscle mass.

During the first consultation, James will gain a deeper understanding into your lifestyle and current training, so that dietary changes will fit your needs. Your bespoke programme is then emailed to you.

As your training and fitness levels change so do your nutrition needs and therefore, your 2nd consultation measures your change in body composition, and refines your nutrition programme – whether this is changing your fuelling for different sessions, new recipes, or finding new solutions for to your dietary challenges.

Your final session is around maintenance – so you have the tools to manage your nutrition around your lifestyle and exercise moving forwards.


* We also offer bespoke more intensive options, depending on client needs. We have both and internal and an external network of personal trainers and coaches, to find the right option for the client.




James Collins

James Collins leads the Nutrition & Weight Management clinic at CHHP, alongside our team of Medical Experts. James has worked in a variety of weight management settings, such as: with Olympic weight category sports, performing artists, and professional jockeys. James specialises in utilising the performance science from these settings, to build effective programmes for a broad spectrum of clients at CHHP.

Acknowledged as a leading practitioner in his field, James has worked as Consultant nutritionist for Arsenal Football Club and the England Football Team at the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil. Within elite sport he also worked with GB Olympic teams and individuals across the last 2 Olympic Games in Beijing 2008 and London 2012. James now specialises in applying performance nutrition to other high performance environments across the world, as well as applying that science to weight management.

James sits on The Royal Society of Medicine’s ‘Food and Health’ Council, and is a Registered Sport & Exercise Nutritionist. Following his study of both Human and Exercise Nutrition in the USA and UK, James completed his Masters Degree in Sport and Exercise Nutrition at Loughborough University. He then added The International Olympic Committee (IOC) Diploma in Sport and Exercise Nutrition, awarded by the Medical Commission, in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Both short & Long term weight management packages are available to suit your needs.

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