Executive, Performance & MSK Assessments

Executive, Performance & MSK Assessments

Centre for Health and Human Performance (CHHP) offers bespoke Executive assessments at 76 Harley Street. Ideally situated in the heart of Central London, Corporate executives and their teams can access health screening as part of their working week. Improve your company's performance by maximising your team's health and fitness with fully integrated physical, emotional and psychological assessments.

The CHHP Executive Package

The CHHP Executive package is supported by Specialist Physiotherapists, Physiologists, Sports Scientists, Nutritionists and Cardiologists, who will help to identify how executives can improve their overall levels of health and fitness and translate this into their busy lives.

The CHHP Executive package analyses sleep quality, heart health, how the body copes with pressure and travel, along with body composition, to enable corporate executives to understand their health numbers and how to enhance their personal performance and productivity.

The packages are offered at CHHP’s state-of-the-art facility for the assessment of Human Performance in Harley Street. CHHP’s world-leading team of specialists also operate a range of clinics providing a bespoke service for clients across the health and performance spectrum from patient to corporate executive to elite athlete.

Dr Mike Loosemore MBE, Director of Sport and Exercise Medicine at CHHP commented: “One of our key objectives at CHHP is to give all clients access to the latest start of the art facilities and experts. We want to make that service as quick and easy as possible so they don’t have to interrupt their busy lives to improve their health and wellbeing. Here at CHHP, lots of clients have demanding travel and work schedules, and this partnership with Executive package means we can take a winning formula used to assess athletes and apply it to all individuals to deliver a personalised preventative health care service to all.”

CHHP Harley Street also offer bespoke health screening for wider middle management and entire teams, right in the heart of central London.


For more information please contact us on 0207 637 7677 or email

Example Itinerary

8.15 am – Arrival & Welcome to CHHP

Arrive at CHHP 76 Harley Street reception Complete paperwork & provide Urine sample
Led by the Sport and Exercise Medicine Doctor

8.30 am – Your Consultation

Overview of the day, review of medical history and lifestyle
Discuss personal aims and objectives and establish motives
Urinalysis, blood sampling, body composition, height and weight
Led by the Sport and Exercise Medicine Consultant

9.00am Your Heart

Cardiovascular screening
Blood pressure measurement
Led by the Senior Physiologist

9.30am – Your Skeleton

Movement Screening
Led by CHHP Exercise Specialists

10.00 am – Your Body and its Fuel

Nutritional assessment
Led by Health & Performance Nutritionist

10.30 am – Your Engine

Blood pressure assessment
Respiratory function
Dynamic fitness test
Led by Exercise Physiologist

11.15 am – Refresh & Lunch

Shower/change and lunch (where required)

11.45 am – Your Summary

Lifestyle feedback session
Review of the day’s results in line with your objectives
Advice and guidance on the next steps to your wellbeing
Led by the Sport and Exercise Medicine Consultant

Depart and next steps

For more information or to book an appointment please contact us on 0207 637 7677 or by email to

Please note appointments can be spread over a number of days if a commitment to half day screening does not suit your diary.