Nutrition Programmes

Our Nutrition service is directed by leading nutritionist Mike Naylor and supported by Dr. Rebecca Robinson, Dr.Kush Joshi and Holly Dempsey. The programmes utilise the latest Human Performance science, translated into simple plans to fit into a busy lifestyle. We specialise in excellence in two key areas: weight management and performance nutrition.

Personalised Nutrition

For clients aiming to improve their body composition and understand more about their metabolism. Through baseline testing and investigation, a bespoke diet and exercise programme is devised. Regular contact is scheduled to monitor, modify habits, and help achieve your goals.

We currently offer 2 levels of service, which are overseen by industry leading practitioner Mike Naylor, Lead Performance Nutritionist.

Our main programme is our comprehensive ‘Personalised’ programme: (3 comprehensive consultations, body composition analysis, support, meal plan)

The aim of the programme is to support you to reach a new goal. Whether this be towards a marathon, triathlon, or boxing challenge – or to lean up and provide lasting weight loss alongside a new exercise regime. We want you to learn about your body and give you the tools to personalise your nutrition. The programme is set up to achieve lasting change, it’s not a quick fix.

The programme starts with a snapshot of where you are now: Our online analysis tool assesses your current diet, exercise and lifestyle to give us a full 360 before the first consultation. We then conduct a full body composition assessment as part of your initial consultation to understand your body’s distribution fat and lean muscle mass.

During the first consultation, Mike will gain a deeper understanding into your lifestyle and current training, so that dietary changes will fit your needs. Your bespoke programme is then emailed to you.

As your training and fitness levels change so do your nutrition needs and therefore, your 2nd consultation measures your change in body composition, and refines your nutrition programme – whether this is changing your fuelling for different sessions, new recipes, or finding new solutions for to your dietary challenges.

Your final session is around maintenance – so you have the tools to manage your nutrition around your lifestyle and exercise moving forwards.

Specialist Advice

For clients aiming to optimise their sports performance or prepare for a physical challenge and need some direction to get going.

Our one-off consultations are shorter than the consultations in the personalised nutrition programme (45 mins). These are designed to give you advice on any specific questions you have or a view on your current nutrition and can also help you to understand more about nutrition and how it can make the difference for you.

It’s important to know that one off consultations are not a one stop shop or sessions that provide a programme for all of your nutrition needs. You will be provided with feedback but if you find you are looking for more support and detail you can easily transition to our personalised programme.

If you decide that after a consultation that you wish to join the programme for more detailed support, we’d be happy to offer a discount of 10% from the programme cost.

For more information please contact us on 0207 637 7677 or email