Health Assessments

Health Assessments

Here at CHHP, we believe it's vital to have regular health assessments to not only reduce risk but to be proactive about your health and set goals to optimise your health and get more out of life for longer. We offer a range of services & packages to help you achieve your goals and keep you in the best possible health no matter where you are starting from. Feel free to contact us for a Health assessment and our team with be happy to explain the longer term options available.

Health Assessments include:

  •  Comprehensive assessment of current health, lifestyle and fitness status
  •  Holistic biopsychosocial assessment
  •  Medical and genetic history evaluation
  •  Health risk factor identification
  •  Baseline measurements (Blood Pressure, Pulse, Height, Weight, BMI)
  •  Guidance on health, nutrition and performance optimisation
  •  Recommendations and strategies for improving health and reducing risk of future disease (underpinned by learning from elite sports and performance science)


In addition to our Health Assessments we also offer the following:

  • Executive Medical Packages
  • Long Term Lifestyle programmes
  • Corporate Contender Programme
  • Travel & Expedition Medicine
  • Nutrition & weight management
  • Sport & Exercise Medicine
  • Intensive Rehab

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