Corporate Contender

Corporate Contender

The philosophy of Corporate Contender at CHHP is not solely focused on an individual’s physical health but also encompasses their nutritional and recovery profile, and emotional and psychological well-being. We believe that in offering this full 360 holistic approach, our clients receive a comprehensive health and wellness profile that is unrivalled in today’s business environment.

A unique health check for mind, body and soul

‘In a disordered mind, as in a disordered body, soundness of health is impossible.’ Cicero

Emotional Intelligence Profiles

Most CEOs, senior executives and business leaders are, by definition, successful. But at what cost?

Stress is a health issue. There is growing evidence that ignoring stress can be both disruptive and costly to business, but it can be managed and channelled in a productive and measurable way. By providing employees with expert support, ‘burn out’, time off sick, and lack of performance issues can be avoided.
The CHHP Corporate Contender programme includes psychological and emotional profiling to help executives driving a business perform to their optimum ability, as well as grow as individuals – not just surviving but thriving, both in business and personally.
In this programme, you will learn how to think, act and live mindfully and how to incorporate simple tools and practices, into your daily and professional life. By structuring a stronger mind and learning how to intelligently control your emotions you can bring greater effectiveness into your actions. A strong mind equals better decisions.
The online questionnaire takes approximately 20 mins to complete, and produces a personal and confidential 16-page report which will be explored with you by a highly experienced facilitator who has also worked at senior leadership levels in business. The confidential 1:1 feedback session will take approximately two hours and can be done at your place of work. This programme can also be enhanced with ongoing personal or team mentoring sessions.
This unique personal self-assessment is a pause for reflection. By learning the patterns of your strengths and areas for development, the Corporate Contender programme will help you to focus on becoming your best self and an inspiration for others.

Course attendance by appointment only. Appointments may be spread over a number of dates depending on availability. For course dates and booking enquiries, please email on or call 0207 637 7677.