Marylebone Health (CHHP)

Health Optimisation

Health Optimisation
The Health optimisation programmes are our vision for proactive health. We work intensively, yet flexibly with you, to measurably and rapidly reach your goals: improve your health outcomes, minimise your disease risks and ageing processes, optimise physical or cognitive capabilities, or maximising ‘effective longevity’. All of our health programmes are completely bespoke to you. For more information please contact us on 0207 637 7677 or email

Core to our philosophy is to help you get more out of your life for longer. Our team join the best in medicine and applied physiology to achieve better health and treatment outcomes and sustain the highest possible quality of life for our clients, whatever the challenge or goal.

Often programmes are bespoke so we can ensure you have a long term plan to optimise your health and works specifically for you.

Rarely will any aspect of your health be isolated to a single specialty. We deliver ‘multidisciplinary care’ to ensure the very best opinions and access to the most advanced treatment under one roof. Our internationally recognised team of specialists come from across the medical specialties including: cardiology; respiratory; weight management and metabolism (including diabetes); oncology; orthopaedics; and clinical and performance nutrition.

For more information please contact us on 0207 637 7677 or email