Women’s Health – Power Shakes

Women’s Health – Power Shakes

If you love your body, then you should love protein shakes. These muscle-building drinks have come a long ay since the camel-coloured sludge beloved of the world’s strongest man contestants and are now a non-negotiable part of every gym goer’s repertoire. Designed to replenish, repair and push you further, there’s a shake to suit every need. We asked the best gyms in the world what they send their hot bodies home with.


Muscle Building | Cell Repairing | Energy Reviving
Serves 1 | 290 cals | 1.5g sat fat | 28.3g protein | 9.5g sugar | 1 min
25g chocolate whey protein powder
15g cashews
200ml hazelnut milk
3g mint leaves

The centre for health and human performance (CHHP) takes training to the next level. And this protein shake is one of its secret weapons. You know what to do… blend it in one! For a smoother texture, strain ingredients through a sieve. Smoothie operator: if you like your workouts tough, then this drink is for you. Hazelnuts are full of copper and manganese, both exercise essentials because they help iron absorption for energy and bone formation for strength.


Muscle Building | Immune Boosting | Energy Reviving
Serves 1 | 380 cals | 0.3g sat fat | 30.8g protein | 36g sugar | 1 min
1 scoop of Chocolate Vega Sport Performance Protein
1 cooked beetroot, peeled and chopped
½ cup raspberries
½ frozen banana
Handful spinach
200ml unsweetened almond milk.

Londons coolest spinning-meets-mediation studio does one of the best shakes we’ve ever tasted. Almost better than a real red velvet cake. You know the drill: chop and blend everything. Smoothie operator: Beetroot is loaded with antioxidants and ups nitric oxide, which enhances oxygen transportation to muscles to increase endurance pre-exercise. Beet that.


Rehydrating | Immune Boosting | Energy Reviving
Serves 1 | 328 cals | 1.4g sat fat | 19.1g protein | 24.2g sugar | 1 min
50g watercress
¼ avocado
½ apple
1 tsp turmeric
1in ginger
½ banana
30g hemp protein
250ml coconut water

If you’re a hipster who’s onto fitness, youll love frame in east London. And youll be frothing over this green shake – it’s that good. If you can’t hotfoot it to frame, just combine all these ingredients together and blend until smooth. If you need to, add more coconut water and re-blend. Smoothie operator: With its mix of proteins, fats and complex carbs, it’s a complete balanced meal – ideal if you opt for a light lunch.


Muscle Building | Energy Reviving
Serves 1 | 507 cals | 5.3g sat fat | 21.4g protein | 13.2g sugar | 1min
1 green teabag,
3 tbsp hot water,
1 tsp hooney,
200ml water, almond milk or rice milk,
1 scoop bodyism body brilliance powder
3 brazil nuts
Handful sunflower seeds
Handful of pumpkin seeds.

Bodyism, run by WH contributor James Duigan, is the gym of supermodels. To get a taste of rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s poison, bew the teabag, remove it and stir in the honey before blending it with all the other ingredients until smooth. Beauty. Smoothie operator: The nuts’ anti-inflammatory omega-3s mean this is like a facial in a glass. No Brazils? Walnuts pack even more omega-3s.

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