Marylebone Health (CHHP)

CHHP team up with Team Beyond

CHHP team up with Team Beyond

CHHP team up with amazing Duo Philip & Daley ‘Team Beyond’

Team Beyond was founded on the belief that it’s only by testing ourselves to our limits that we can find the true capacity of the human spirit.

Founded by Phillip Theodore and Daley Ervin, we are committed to pursuing opportunities to empower, inspire and materially aid individuals battling with hunger, clean water, and cancer.

Team Beyond competes in the worlds toughest challenges to win and to give back to those facing greater challenges.

The money raised is leveraged through the Team Beyond Foundation to fuel effective non-profits across the U.S.
For maximum impact, we provide companies with opportunities for sponsorship, create products that generate charitable donations, and give consumers chances to donate.

Are you inspired by these challenges in 2015?