CHHP announce exciting new partnership with Quintessentially Travel

CHHP announce exciting new partnership with Quintessentially Travel

An Ironman Challenge on Panama Beach

Quintessentially Travel has partnered with the Centre for Health and Human Performance (CHHP) to provide a 360 degree service like no other. From the specialised sports science that CHHP provide to the incredible travel and exercise itineraries Quintessentially Travel can put together, every client need is covered. So, whether you are after an exciting solo adventure, a well-earned rejuvenating break or an experience that really pushes the boundaries, this unique partnership is guaranteed to get you ready for your journey.

With a team devoted to sports medicine, CHHP are specialists in providing bespoke solutions for clients across the exercise spectrum, from Olympic medallists to those whose muscles are feeling a little bit rusty! CHHP offers specialised services, covering everything from technical assessments, bespoke training plans and state of the art equipment. As well as treating and preventing health issues, they are devoted to helping clients with their performance in their physical pursuits.

This was the perfect port of call for our client before he took on the challenge of a lifetime, Florida’s infamous Panama City Beach Ironman competition. Taking full advantage of his one-to-one service with major challenge professionals, he was able to optimise his performance in swimming, cycling and running. As the date got closer, Quintessentially Travel stepped in and helped him to plan his personal training programme and journey from Miami to Panama Beach.


Our client arrived in scintillating Miami for his four night stay at The Four Seasons Hotel. The prime downtown location meant that we found some excellent training routes in the area for him to enjoy. Keen to get started on some physical activity after his journey, we mapped out a scenic 6-mile run towards The Art Deco District and famous South Beach for him to complete, an excellent way to stretch his muscles after the flight.

Assessing his fitness on the other side of the pond, referring back to his expert advice provided by CHHP and with some diligent planning, we advised that our client took to the Rickenbacker Trail which offers some break taking views of Miami to further his training. With our expert knowledge of the area, we made sure that after traversing the length of Key Biscayne for nearly 9 miles, he was able to enjoy the pristine beach at the other end. Furthermore, we planned that he finished up in a picturesque park that was once a coconut plantation, the perfect spot for cooling down. See, working out can be enjoyable, with Quintessentially Travel!


Next up on this energetic itinerary was the theme park capital of the world, Orlando. Resting his head at the Ritz Carlton Lakes Hotel, he concentrated on his swimming technique, perfected during his London preparation with CHHP. Quintessentially Travel found out the exact location of the 11 public pools in the city so that our client had a great variety of places to go.

He threw himself into the excellent trail options in the area. The Cross Seminole Trail is one of the best places to run or cycle in Florida, consisting of 22 miles of residential expanses from densely populated Orlando to the sleepy communities of Oviedo, Winter Springs, and Lake Mary.

Panama Beach City

Arriving at the most important destination of his trip so far, we made sure that our client was ideally located at The Pearl Hotel, a deluxe sanctuary close to Panama Beach. With a few days left to prepare himself for the competition, he took to the waters of the amazing Gulf of Mexico, a stretch of 27 miles and then explored the nearby Loggerhead Run Bike Path.

With months of preparation under his belt, our client was delighted with his performance, a credit to CHHP. Of course, once the challenge had been completed Quintessentially Travel made sure that he was aware of how to enjoy Panama City as a destination during the rest of his stay there. This was his first chance to really unwind after an intensive exercise regime, so we pointed him in the direction of the spa and stunning nearby beaches.


Do you feel inspired to take on a life challenge? Working with CHHP, Quintessentially Travel can offer you a bespoke service where your pre challenge training and travel arrangements are completely taken off your hands. Everyone should be rewarded for their hard work, so we will make sure that you are whisked away to some of the world’s top luxury hotels.

Whether it is climbing a snow-capped mountain or running a desert marathon, we can organise the perfect itinerary for you, get in touch with our travel experts and we will work alongside CHHP to plan something that is tailored to your own personal needs. We can help you plan a challenge similar to this one, a much needed relaxing retreat away or a specific solo adventure.

Email or for more information on how Quintessentially Travel and CHHP can help you plan the trip of a lifetime!