Uk’s Ironman champ joins team at CHHP

Uk’s Ironman champ joins team at CHHP

Dr Tasmin Lewis

Dr. Tamsin Lewis

Medical Doctor

Dr. Tamsin Lewis is a medical doctor and registrar level psychiatrist qualifying with honours from Kings College, London in 2004.
Passionate about health optimisation and preventative health, Tamsin combines her traditional medical training with an integrative and holistic approach, focusing on nutritional, and lifestyle interventions before medication.

Tamsin is one of Britain’s most successful professional triathletes.
In 2009 Tamsin won the World Amateur title in Olympic distance Triathlon and was offered a professional licence by British Triathlon.
From 2010-2014 Tamsin has been a regular on international podiums in a variety of triathlon distances whilst continuing to work part time as a doctor.
In 2014 Tamsin became an Ironman Champion – winning Ironman UK on her first attempt at the distance.
Using her joint expertise in psychological techniques and in-depth knowledge of exercise physiology and nutrition, Tamsin has helped numerous amateur athletes to achieve their goals.

Tamsin joins CHHP working alongside Dr Jack Kriendler to effectively identify root causes of sub-optimal health and prescribes a pro-active regime specific to you.
Tamsin’s areas of interest are gut health, hormonal balance, nutrition, and exercise prescription.
Whether you are looking to lose weight for life, feel 10 years younger, deal with an on-going addiction, or finish an Ironman, Tamsin has the tools to help you carve out your goal.

Dr. Tasmin’s Ironman Accomplishment