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CHHP support Quintessentially travel on latest challenge

CHHP support Quintessentially travel on latest challenge

The Yorkshire Warrior

I recently completed the ‘Yorkshire Warrior’ challenge, a 10 mile assault course scattered with 30 testing obstacles involving everything from fire and ice baths to mud pits and live electrical wires, and when I finished my next thought was ‘What next?!’ Well that was easy… a hot bath obviously! But this got me thinking about the hundreds of challenges out there, waiting for crazy people like you and me to be willing to give them a go!

Certainly in more recent years, Quintessentially Travel has found a growing interest for more adventurous and testing experiences for clients. So far in 2015 we have organised an expedition up Mount Kilimanjaro, a trek across the south pole exploring ice tunnels and waves, and even an intense boot camp experience for a group of friends.

Who would have thought that we would be looking to add to our relaxing beach holidays with so many grueling and demanding experiences? Okay you got me – I failed to mention that these expeditions organised by Quintessentially Travel include indulgent post-challenge pampering at luxury hotels because, well, what else would you expect?!

To help get our clients fighting-fit and ready to rumble, be it climbing a mountain or trekking in the snow, Quintessentially Travel have CHHP on hand to assist. Based in 76 Harley Street, CHHP cover everything from training programmes to nutritional advice and full physiological assessments.

Their highly qualified (and equally friendly) team will help you find the confidence and reassurance you need to undertake any experience. Take it from me; their Milon Studio was my second home in the build up to the ‘Yorkshire Warrior’ and, sure enough I conquered the course with flying colours (and mud everywhere!). So do not be afraid to give something new, and perhaps a little bit challenging, a go…

If you are interested in organising your own challenging expedition please get in contact here.

Alternatively, feel free to get inspiration from a selection of our itineraries here.

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