The Fitness Studio

The Fitness Studio

At CHHP we believe in utilising the expertise of our team to achieve the best results for each of our clients. Whether your aim is to prepare for surgery, improve strength or lose weight, we can design a personal exercise programme for you in a private and welcoming environment. Your programme is not only overseen by our trainers but they will enlist the expertise of our team of physiotherapists, Doctors, nutritionists and rehabilitation specialists to ensure you are treated like an Olympic athlete no matter what level you are at.

Full concentration on the Training

There is no need for the user to bother with equipment settings and not remembering how to use machines.¬†After an initial assessment with one of our trainers and physiologists, a personal programme is designed for you to ensure your exercise regime suits bot your ability and goals. All our members benefit from an annual Cardio Pulmonary Exercise Test so we can fully analyse your body’s response to exercise and measure your improvement.

Training errors are prevented

Incorrect equipment settings and wrong movements are the most common reasons for a lack of successful training results. Our team of trainers will monitor your routine and programme to suit your goals. Working closely with our team of Doctors and phsyiotherapists, our aim is to improve fitness, optimise your health and reduce your time spent to achieve your results. Each member should feel confident to follow a predefined sequence of exercises that can only be changed by the trainer in a private,safe and welcoming environment.

We offer both group exercise and personal training sessions. Group classes are limited to 4 people at each session so that you can really benefit from personal coaching.

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