How to Optimise Health

How to Optimise Health

Innovated by Dr Jack Kreindler, a pioneer in the field of health risk management and human performance, all our programmes start with a fully comprehensive initial consultation/health assessment with input from leading clinicians and Health and Human Performance specialists. We will cover your physical, emotional and material world; including all risks, goals and motivations, plus an in depth family history, environmental and interpersonal assessment and integrated body systems review. We then work closely with our in house team that span multiple specialities to help you achieve your goals in a team environment with everyone working as one to help you.

We believe all consultations should be followed by a tailored programme plan, over a time period to suit you, mapping the consultations, investigations, imaging, diagnostics, treatments and training programmes. Our clients include athletes, industry leaders, and motivated men and women from 20 to 80 years old at all stages of health and fitness.

The CHHP programmes are our vision for Proactive Health. We work intensively yet flexibly with you to rapidly and measurably reach your goals: improving your health outcomes, minimising your disease risks and ageing processes, optimising physical or cognitive capabilities, or maximising ‘effective longevity’.

Why not start with a Health Assessment and let us guide you through the best options to suit you.

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